Jeannette Chin

Grants and Projects


  • Increase productivity, performance and quality in UK construction, “Adaptive Learning for Zero Defects in Building Construction”, (co-investigator, InnovateUK £193k, £63k for ARU), 2018-2019
  • Summer IoT Research grant (Principal Investigator, Anglia Ruskin University and Silicon Labs sponsored, £2,000) 2018
  • Summer IoT Research grant (Principal Investigator, Anglia Ruskin University and industry sponsors, £3,000) 2017
  • Urban Living: Integrated Products and Services CR&D, “Using real time rainfall data to predict weather conditions in order to increase the prevalence of cycling and walking trips around the City of Peterborough” (Principal investigator, funded by InnovateUK, £230,566.00, £33,810 for ARU) ref 52301-399159, 2015-2017
  • Summer Research grant (co-Investigator; Funded by Anglia Ruskin University £2,000 ) 2015
  • SmartLink: South-east-west Mobility for Advanced Research, Learning, Innovation, Network and Knowledge, (Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator Prof Alamgir Hossain; funded by EU Erasmus Mundus Action 2, REF: 552077-EM-1-UK ERA MUNDUS EMA21, €3,050,000), 2014-2018
  • Low carbon Document Management System, to support the digital record keeping in the healthcare sector in advance of the ‘Paperless by 2018’ NHS agenda. (Principal Investigator; Funded by KEEP £112,367.66) 2014-2015
  • Summer Research grant (Principal Investigator; Funded by Anglia Ruskin University £2,000 ) 2014

PhD Projects

  • Complex and Agile resource (software process) management models
  • Dynamic configurable Trust model for improving privacy and security on IoT networks
  • Social Pervasive Interactive Programming in Intelligent Environment: A Journey from complexity to collectivity
  • IoT and Energy Harvesting
  • Intelligent everyday artefacts – human and machine research (Industries sponsored)

Previous Projects

  • Low Carbon cloud-based intelligent resource management systems
  • A new concept in education – SCK University Technical College