Jeannette Chin


Adaptive Computational Systems Research

Research Areas and Interests IoT: on Health, Smart living, EUP programming, smart transport, logistic and supply chain Machine Learning and Data Science Context-aware personalisation FPGA based neural computations HCI Personalised and Customisable GUI Members Alin Tisan Jeannette Chin Hean Chin, Pepsi Digital Lab Students John Darvill Alex Lungu Current Projects […]

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Grants and Projects

Grants Urban Living: Integrated Products and Services CR&D, “Using real time rainfall data to predict weather conditions in order to increase the prevalence of cycling and walking trips around the City of Peterborough” (Principal investigator, funded by InnovateUK, £230,566.00) ref 52301-399159, 2015-2017 Summer Research grant (co-Investigator; Funded by Anglia Ruskin […]

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Reasearch Interests

Jeannette has a background of ubiquitous computing. Her main research goal is to develop intelligent user-and-context-aware decision-support real-time EUP systems. Currently Jeannette works on the Internet of Things, machine learning and the big data, HCI and social research, Energy Harvesting on body area networks and mobile/cloud computing to solve problems […]

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