Jeannette Chin

Grants and Projects

  • MyEvolution (UEA, £6,000), 2021-2022
  • COVApp2: COVID-19 testing on university campus (UEA and COVID Testing Initiative), Sept 2020
  • COVApp1: COVID-19 mass testing trial in Norwich Research Park, ( Norwich Testing Initiative, £9,500), Jun–Aug 2020
  • Increase productivity, performance and quality in UK construction, “Adaptive Learning for Zero Defects in Building Construction”, (co-investigator, InnovateUK £193k, £63k for ARU), 2019-2020
  • Innovation Bridge, ‘Advise the company on technological aspects needed in order to get their product “smarter” for its users’ with Jordan Leisure Systems Ltd (Principal Investigator, EU European Regional Development Fund £1,000), 2019
  • Summer IoT Research grant (Principal Investigator, Anglia Ruskin University and Silicon Labs sponsored, £2,000) 2018
  • Summer IoT Research grant (Principal Investigator, Anglia Ruskin University and industry sponsors, £3,000) 2017
  • Urban Living: Integrated Products and Services CR&D, “Using real time rainfall data to predict weather conditions in order to increase the prevalence of cycling and walking trips around the City of Peterborough” (Principal investigator, funded by InnovateUK, £230,566.00, £33,810 for ARU) ref 52301-399159, 2015-2017
  • Summer Research grant (co-Investigator; Funded by Anglia Ruskin University £2,000 ) 2015
  • SmartLink: South-east-west Mobility for Advanced Research, Learning, Innovation, Network and Knowledge, (Co-Investigator; Principal Investigator Prof Alamgir Hossain; funded by EU Erasmus Mundus Action 2, REF: 552077-EM-1-UK ERA MUNDUS EMA21, €3,050,000), 2014-2018
  • Low carbon Document Management System, to support the digital record keeping in the healthcare sector in advance of the ‘Paperless by 2018’ NHS agenda. (Principal Investigator; Funded by KEEP £112,367.66) 2014-2015
  • Summer Research grant (Principal Investigator; Funded by Anglia Ruskin University £2,000 ) 2014

PhD Projects

  • Invisible? visible!
  • Your wish is my command

Previous Projects

  • Dynamic configurable Trust model for improving privacy and security on IoT networks
  • Complex and Agile resource (software process) management models
  • Social Pervasive Interactive Programming in Intelligent Environment: A Journey from complexity to collectivity
  • Low Carbon cloud-based intelligent resource management systems
  • A new concept in education – SCK University Technical College