Jeannette Chin



Press Coverage and Magazines Cambridge News, By Chris Elliott – “Is it going to rain on your barbecue?”, 28 JUL 2017 14:13 Anglia Ruskin News “App can help banish those barbecue blues” 28 July 2017 BBC Radio Essex, Live discussions and interviewed by Ronnie Barbour, 31 July 2017, […]

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Journal Articles

Chin,J.;Tisan,A.; Callaghan, V.; Chik, D. (2021) Smart-Object Based Reasoning System for Indoor Acoustic Profiling of Elderly Inhabitant. Electronics. Available from: doi:10.3390/electronics10121433 Berger Gillam,T., Chin,J., Cossey,S., Culley, K., Davidson, R K.,  Edwards,D R., Gharbi,K., Goodwin,N., Hall,N., Hitchcock,M., Jupp,O J., Lipscombe,J., Parr,G., Shearer,N., Smith,R., Steel,N (2021) Phase 2 of the Norwich COVID-19 […]

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Book Chapters

Callaghan, V., Chin, J., Doctor,F., Kyma ̈la ̈inen. T., Pen ̃a-Rios, A., Phengdy, C., Reyes-Munoz, A., Tisan, A., Wang, M., Wu, H. Y., Zamudio,V., Zhang, S.,  Zheng, P. (2021) Journeys in the Age of Smart Cities: Some Fresh Perspectives. In: Augusto J.C. (eds) Handbook of Smart Cities. Springer, Cham. Holohan, […]

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Conference Papers

Mkpa, M., Chin, J., Winckles, A. (2019) Holistic Blockchain Approach to Foster Trust, Privacy and Security in IoT based Ambient Assisted Living. IEEE The 15th International Conference on Intelligent Environments. Rabat, Morocco. Available from: doi:10.1109/IE.2019.00008 Chin, J., Callaghan, V., Lam, I. (2017) Understanding and personalising smart city services using machine […]

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Reports and other publications

Callaghan,V., Zamudio,V., Chin, J. (2009) Understanding Interactions in the Smart Home. Perada Magazine. Available from: doi:10.2417/2200904.1625

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